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Features Nokia Suite three.4.40 Final

Make sure you Nokia lovers realize this gadget doesn't even sound acquainted ears. Nokia Suite or previously referred to as the Nokia Ovi Suite. produce a buddy Nokia users could already be at home with this name. Nokia Suite is an application specifically for users of Nokia phones that serves to attach the device or Nokia phone with a laptop. Nokia Suite will synchronize contacts, calendar, messages, photos, music, and videos between your Nokia mobile with an acquaintance employing a laptop or a computer that uses the operating system (OS) from Microsoft Windows. additionally Nokia Suite can also download some applications, download our country to be included in Nokia devices, backup or restore the contents of the device, connect the phone that's connected to the computer and connect with the net via mobile or the association.

Nokia Suite is that the latest version also as replacement of the previous version, the Nokia computer Suite, and integrated with Ovi services complete. Nokia information Suite will perform a whole backup of phone contents to a file with file name extension. Before changing its name to Nokia Suite three.2.64 by releasing a beta version at the tip of last year, the primary user to understand him because the Nokia Ovi Suite. Just info, Nokia Suite may be a tool developed by the corporate Nokia that is really located in Finland.

With the Nokia Suite buddies will store some information from your Nokia device and laptop in sync, update the appliance or the most recent software from Nokia devices use a buddy, and keep the content or information on the market on Nokia phones my friend is usually safe and accessible wherever required friend.

Features the most recent Nokia Suite three.4.40 Final:

  • Manage your text messages
  • Copying files to and from mobile pal
  • Manage contactsSynchronize and make a copy info
  • Manage your photos and make albums
  • Download and install new software or applications
  • Get new maps for mobile devices or mate
  • Connecting the pc to the net association
  • Share or share them on-line

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