Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

ZTE recorded a replacement record into Smartphone skinny

The new record has been created by the manufacturer ZTE gadgets, gadgets from china Vendor has successfully created a gadget with a thickness of half dozen.2 millimeters. Proclaimed TechRadar, Friday (06/01/2012), this sleek smartphone doesn't get a political candidate announcement. However, this doesn't preclude Directorm End-Market Strategy, Lu Qianhao, to divulge some details via Sina Weibo. 

In addition to the scale of the phone, Qianhao revealed that Athena provided IPS show with HD resolution of 720p. Kitchen spur use of the Cortex-A15 combined with the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich. ZTE conjointly provides 64GB of cupboard space space.

Athena's body size is barely half dozen.2 millimeters thick smartphone Oppo beat the half dozen.65 millimeter thick. Before that, Huawei Ascend S P1 is claimed to be the thinnest smartphone with a thickness of half dozen.68 millimeters. 

With the discharge of Athena, a contest to seek out the thinnest smartphone hotter. however currently the question remains concerning what options is also gift during this smartphone created ​​by ZTE.

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